Pls deposit coal mining related materials and photos you have

Words by those who lived in Akabira violent period
Words by those who
lived in Akabira violent

JAFCOF has been working rescuing and integrating coalfields related documents, maps, photos and other materials. Please contact us if you have any related materials. We will visit you to have them a look. You will find our e-mail address on the top page in this site.

We have rescued and integrated the following materials so far as you find them on the other pages;

  1. Digitizing and cataloging documents and photos collected by city authorities to compile the history of each city
  2. Digitizing and cataloging mining related books, documents, photos and drawings collected by individuals
  3. Cataloging unsorted materials deposited in NPOs, museums and so on

We appreciate contacts from those who have related materials of any regions, not necessarily limited in Hokkaido or Kyushu.