Posters for Presentations on Social, Political, Legal and Global Issues

(Originals of the posters below, and other posters not online here, are in the Teachers Room)

Click on the image to download the poster as an A4 size pdf file. This requires an up-to-date version of Adobe Reader - download here for free:


Aging Society & Declining Birth Rates

Aging Society in Japan

Apartheid and the People of South Africa


Can Turkey Become a Bridge between Europe and Islam?

Child Abuse

Child Labour 1


Child Labour 2

Chinese Water Management

Designer Baby



Euthanasia Law

Fair Trade


Fair Traid Coffee


Gun Violence in America

HIV in China

HIV Issues in China

Human Trafficking in China

Immigration Policy

Jack Kevorkian

JPN Pension Problem

Juvenile Delinquency

Poverty and Hunger

The Abolition of Death Penalty

The Dark Side of the Disneyland

Third World Debt Crisis

Unmarried Women in Japan

Using Illegal Drugs

U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa

Water Pollution

What is HIV/AIDS Problem for Women?

What is Terrorism?

Women Trafficking

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