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Chapters in book (in Japanese)

"Derivative market and Securitization Market",in Shoken Sijyo Dokuhon 2, Toyo Keizai, 2006.

"Capital Injection and the Event Study" in Nihon no Kinyu Mondai, Nippon-Hyoron-Sha Co. Ltd., 2003.

"Related topics on Asset Backed Securities Market" in Kinyu Sijyo no Henbo to Shoken Keiei, Japan Securities Research Institute, 2001.

"The Securitized Products Market" in Securities Market in Japan 2000(Japanese version), Japan Securities Research Institute, 2000; Securities Market in Japan 2001(English version).

"Asset Backed Securities Market" in Shoken Keiei no Frontier, Frontier of Securities Business Management, Seibunsha, 1999.