International Conference on Socio-economic systems with ICT and Networks

Chaired by Yuji Aruka; co-chaired by Akira Namatame

Special Session for Commemoration of Dr. Jun-ichi Inoue

We were very sorry to hear from his sudden death due to lung's thrombus, May 17, 2015. The best effort of the ambulance he called could not relieve his life at last before arriving at hospital. He was 47 years old. His death was too tragic for us. He is too young to die. We would like to express our deepest sympathies on Dr. Inoue's death. He was a regular member of Japan Association for Economics, and also a core menber of our JSPS research grant project no. 26282089. We have lost an excellent colleague of great promise in our field. So we would like to arrange his special session for our commemoration of him.

On submission, please add to "Dr. Jun-ichi Inoue" as a keyword in the keyword box of EasyChair if you should wish to dedicate your paper for commemoration of Dr. Jun-ichi Inoue.

Late Prof. Jun-ichi Inoue, Hokkaido University