International Conference on Socio-economic systems with ICT and Networks

    Chaired by Yuji Aruka; co-chaired by Akira Namatame

Aims and Scope

The world economy is changing at an increasing pace in the wake of the on-going digital revolution with a dramatic transformation of our economy and most of our societal institutions. Modern information and communication technologies (ICT) strengthen forces of global flows of goods, people, information and finance entail a strategic shift of balance away from traditional geopolitics focused on territorial sovereign states towards taking into account more dynamic geopolitical interdependencies. Network analysis provides powerful mathematical tools in order to analyze the global circulations of goods, resources, people, money and information. Global flows inform geopolitical representations, and seeing the world through flows rather than through spatially fixed territories becomes important. This conference aims to bring together researchers from economics, physics, finance, computer science, and engineering for an open-minded, cross-fertilizing exchange of ideas in a friendly environment. This workshop is jointly held with the annual conference of Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics (JAFEE).

Call for Participation

In addition to the theme of the workshop, other topics of interest includes, but are not limited to: Our society has two main itenraitonal publishing activities characterized by society journal as well as mongraph series. The two activities are suppoted by Springer: The topics described in the above will not necessarily corresspond to the session titles actually planned. But the participants will be recommended to refer to the guideline we expect in view of our present activities. In the EESCS series, we have 14 books already published or under palnning. The titles are here. You will find similar titles such as the issues (a)-(i) in the above; In EIER, for example, we had a new issue vol.12.1 titled: Recent developments in geometric and algebraic methods in economics. The special issue may suggest (j).


The paper submission will be expected to open from 1st February 2016. (Apologize! The initial setting of EasyChair demanded to submit a full paper.)


Organizing/Program Committee