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@Kyota Eguchi
@@Professor, Chuo University, Faculty of Commerce
@@@@742-1 Higahi-nakano, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0393, Japan
Fields of interestF Labor Economics, Contract Theory, Applied Microeconomics
EmailF eguchi@tamacc (dot) chuo-u (dot) ac (dot) jp


E2018/02/09@"Employment Protection Legislation and Cooperation" has been published on Labour, vol.32 (2018), pp.45-73.

E2016/12/21: "Guilty Conscience and Incentives with Performance Assessment Errors" has been published on Economic Inquiry, Vol.55 (2017), pp.434-450..

E2014/09/30: "Employment protection and incentives: Severance pay vs. procedural inconvenience" has been published on the Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, vol.34 (2014), pp.272-290..


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