Yuji Aruka, PhD.Econ

Professor of Economics, Faculty of Commerce,
Chuo University

incumbent since 1990

President Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics, JAFEE

Short Bio: ARUKA, YUJI, economics professor; b. Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 16, 1949; PhD in econs., Kyoto U., Japan. Sr. lectr. Chiba U. Commerce, Japan, 1980|83, assoc. prof., 1983|85, Chuo U., Tokyo, Japan, 1985|90, prof., 1990|. Mem. fgn. svc. exam com. Japanese Ministry of Fgn. Affairs, Tokyo, 1997|2005; President, Japan assn. evolutionary econs., 2015|. Editor-in-chief Evolutionary econs. and social complexity scis. (Springer), 2013|, Coordinating editor, Evolutionary and instl. econs. rev.(Springer), 2014|, Editorial board mem., J. econ. interaction and coordination (Springer), Editorial board mem., Translational systems scis. (Springer); 2006|; Visiting appointments: ANU, Australia, 1-3/1990; W.-J. Goethe U, Frankfurt a/M, Germany, 4-6/1994, 11-12/2000; Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK, 7/1994-3/1995, ETH Zurich, 2/2010, 8/2011,2/2012; Mem. Clare Hall (life), U. Cambridge Alumni (life). Office: Chuo U Faculty Commerce 742-1 Higashinakano Tokyo Hachioji 192-0393 Japan. Office Fax: 81-42-674-3651. Business E-Mail:

Present Address: Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University
742-1 Higashinakano Hachioji-shi Tokyo 192-0393 Japan
Phone : 81-0426-74-3617 Fax.: 81-042-674-3651

Year of Birth:1949

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Citizenship: Japanese

Academic Interests and Teachings

Academic interests: Macroscopic microeconomics and heterogenous interactiong agents under uncertainty, Social games, Econophysics and their interdisicplinary fileds

Teaching experiences: Economics in the undegraduate faculty of commerce, Microeconomics in the graduate schoold of business and commerce, Block seminars for Economics

Bachelor of Economics, Waseda University, 3/1972;
Master of Economics, Waseda University, 10/1975;
Ph.D. student, Kyoto University (Ph.D. courses completed successfully), 4/1976-3/1980.
Degree: Ph.D. in Economics at Kyoto University, 3/1999. Ph.D. Thesis: Essays on the Sraffa Model and Its Perturbed Systems of Technology (in Japanese).

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Present Position:
Professor of Economics, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University, from 4/1990.

Positions Held:
Senior Lecturer(4/1980-3/1983), and Associate Professor(4/1983-3/1985), Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Chiba University of Commerce, 4/1980-3/1985.
Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University, 4/1985-3/1990.

Visiting Appointments:
Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, Japan, 4/1986- 3/1989.
Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Komazawa University, Japan, 4/1989-3/1991.
Visiting Fellow, Department of Statistics, Australian National University, Australia, 1/1990-3/1990.
Visiting Fellow, International School of Economic Research, University of Siena, Italy, 7/1993.
Gastwissenschaftler, Institute for Market and Plan, W.-J. Goethe Universitaet, Frankfurt a/M, Germany, 4/1994-6/1994, 11/2000-12/2000.
Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK, 7/1994-9/1994.
Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK, 7/1994-3/1995.
Visiting Professor, ETH Zurich, 2/2010, 8/2011, 2/2012.

Seminar/lecture appointments overseas(excepting conference/workshop presentations):
Goethe University Frankfurt 12/2000, 2/2009; Max Planck Institute of Economics Jena 12/2000, 10/2006; University of Stuttgart 6/2005; 3/2007; Leibnitz Gemeinschaft Bonn 10/2006; Universita` Politecnica delle March Ancona 3/2007; Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies Pisa 9/2008; Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 2/2010;Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften (Muenchen), 11/2011; ETH Zurich 2/2010, 8/2011; Beijing Normal University, Tianjin University(China), 11/2011, and so on.

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Coordinating Editor, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review (Springer Series from 2015) EIER 4/2015-
Editor-in-Chief, Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science (Springer Monograph Series) EIER 4/2015-
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination EIER 4/2015-
Editorial Board Member, Translational Systems Sciences (Springer Monograph Series) EIER 4/2015-

Government reserach grants by JSPS
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Reserach Data of Prof. Yuji Aruka,
JAFEE 20th Annual Meeting at UTokyo, March 26/27, 2016
International Conference on Socio-economic Systems with ICT and Networks

Services Held:
Vice-President Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics, JAFEE 4/2012-3/2015.
Permanent Committees Member, Directorial Board, Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics, JAFEE 3/1997-3/2000; 4/2000-3/2003; 4/2003-3/2006; 4/2006-3/2007; 4/2007-3/2010.
Council Board Member, Society for Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents,ESHIA, 6/2006-
Council Member, The Union of National Economic Association in Japan, 6/2003-5/2012
Chairperson, Organizing Committee for JAFEE2000 (The Fourth Annual Meeting of Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics, held at Chuo University, Japan, 25-26 March 2000).
Co-Chairman, CS02(The 6th International Conference on Complex Systems): Complexity with Agent-based Modeling at Chuo University, September 9-11, 2002.
Chairman, IWSEP(International Workshop-on Socio-and Econo-Physics) December 19-20, 2003

Co-Chairman, INSC08(3rd International Nonlinear Science Conference) at Chuo University, March 13-15, 2008.

Co-Chairman, CS09(The 9th Asia-Pacific Complex System Conference) at Chuo University, November 4-7, 2009.

Professional Affiliation:
Econometric Society;Japan Association of Economics and Econometrics;Society for History of Economic Thought;Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics

Life Member, Clare Hall, Cambridge, UK, from 5/1995.
Life Member, Cambridge Society, Cambridge, UK, from 2/1995.
Member, Cambridge & Oxford Society, Tokyo, from 11/2004.

Books and Articles


Gendai Keizaigaku no Rekishi (in Japanese), Tokyo: Taga-shuppan, 1983, 204pp.(2nd printing 1984, 3rd printing 1986).(English title: The Development of Modern Theories of Production)

Micro-Keizaigku Nyumon (in Japanese), Tokyo: Shinsei-sha, 1/1996, 431pp.(2nd printing 4/1996, 3rd printing 1999, 4th printing 2002).(English title: Introduction to Microeconomics)

Sraffa-Riron to Gijutsusetsudo (in Japanese), Tokyo: Taga-shuppan, 1998, 378pp.(English title: Essays on the Sraffa Model and Its Perturbed Systems of Technology)

Shinkakeizaigaku-no-Suri-Nyumon (in Japanese), Tokyo: Kyoritsu-shuppan, 2004, 230pp.(English title: Mathematical Introduction to Evolutionary Economics)

Books in English:

Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics/Yuji Aruka(ed.)Evolutionary Controversies in Economics: A New Transdisciplinary Approach, Springer Verlag, 2001, xv+252pp.[ISBN4-431-70303-9]

Akira Namatame, Taisei Kaizoji, and Yuji Aruka(eds.), The Complex Networks of Economic Interactions: Essays in Agent-Based Economics and Econophysics, Springer Verlag, 2006, xii+347pp.

Yuji Aruka, Complexities of Production and Interacting Human Behaviour, Springer, September 2014, 219pp.[ISBN 978-4-431-54844-7]

Yuji Aruka, Evolutionary Foundations of Economic Science: How Can Scientists Study Evolving Economic Doctrines from the Last Centuries?, Series: Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science, Vol. 1, , Springer, September 2014, 219pp.[ISBN: 978-3-7908-2617-3]

Aruka Y and Kirman A(eds.), Economic Foundations for Social Complexity Science: Theory, Sentiments, and Empirical Laws, Series: Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science, Vol. 9, , Springer, forthcoming in 2017.[ISBN: ]

Journal Editing as a Guest Editor

Nonlinear@Dynamics,Psychology and Life Sciences(NDPLS) vol. 6, no.2, Jafee2000 special issue: Evolutionary Economics, Kluwer, April 2002(as Guest Editors: M. Akio and Y. Aruka), 229pp.

Advances in Complex Systems vol. 6, no.3, special issue: Agent-Based Approaches in Complex Systems, World Sceintific, September 2003(as Guest Editors: A. Namatame and Y. Aruka)

Translation of Books:

[Translation:] R. M. Goodwin, Senkei Keizaigaku to Dogaku Riron (English version: R. M. Goodwin, Essays on Linear Economic Structures, Macmillan, 1983, 177pp.), Tokyo: Nippon Keizai Hyoron-sha, 1988, 272pp., in supervision of Aruka, in collaboration with Araki, Y., Asada, T., and N. Ban.

[Translation:] R. M. Goodwin, Kaosu Keizai Dogaku (English version: R. M. Goodwin, Chaotic Economics Dynamics, Oxford University Press, 1990, 137pp.), Tokyo: Taga-shuppan, 1992, 234pp.

[Translation:] R. M. Goodwin, Hisenkei Keizai Dogaku (English version:R.M. Goodwin, Essays in Economic Dynamics, Macmillan, 1982, 220pp.), Tokyo: Nippon Keizai Hyoron-sha, 1992, 320pp.

[Translation:] W. -B. Zhang, Jikan to Henka no Keizaigaku (English version: W. -B. Zhang, Synergetic Economics, Berlin: Springer Verlag, 1991, 246pp.), Tokyo: Chuo University Press, 1994, 379pp., in supervision of Aruka, in collaboration with Asada, T., T. Inaba, and H. Wako.

[Translation:] K. Mainzer, Fukuzatsukei kara Souzouteki Guzen he (German version: Klaus Mainzer, Das kreative Zufall: Wie das Neue in die Welt kommt, C.H.Beck, 2007, 283pp.), Tokyo: Kyoritsu-shuppan, 2011, 284pp.

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Technical Papers:

Aruka, Y.(1990). Perturbation theorems on the linear production model and some properties of eigenprices, Working Paper in Economics and Econometrics, No. 203, Australian National University, 23pp.

Aruka, Y.(1991). Generalized Goodwin theorems on general coordinates, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2(1):69-91. Reprinted in J. C. Wood(ed.) , Piero Sraffa: Critical Assessments, IV, London: Routledge, 1996, 27-153.

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Mimkes, J., and Y. Aruka(2006). Carnot process of wealth distribution, in A. Chatterjee, S. Yarlagadda and B.K.Chakrabarti (eds.) Econophysics of Wealth Distribution: Econophys-Kolkata I, Springer Italy, 61-69.

Aruka, Y.(2007). The moral science of heterogeneous economic interaction in the face of complexity, in Theodor Leiber (Hg.) Dynamisches Denken und Handeln Philosophie und Wissenschaft in einer komplexen Welt Festschrift fuer Klaus Mainzer zum 60. Geburtstag S. Hirzel Verlag, Stuttgart, 171-183.

Aruka, Y.(2008). The evolution of moral science: economic rationality in the complex social system, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, 4(2):217-237.

Guastello, S. J., Aruka, Y., Doyle, M., and Smerz, K. (2008). Cross-cultural generalizability of a cusp catastrophe model for binge drinking among college students. Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, and Life Sciences, 12, 397-407.

Aruka, Y., and E. Akiyama (2009). Non-self-averaging of a two-person game with only positive spillover: a new Formulation of Avatamsaka's dilemma, Jounral of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 4(2):131-165.

Aruka, Y., and Y. Koyama (2011). The matching of interactive agents in the futures stock market and the U-mart experiment, in Volker Caspari(ed.), The Evolution of Economic Theory, Essays in Honour of Bertram Schefold, Routledge, Chapter 8.145-167