Kimie HaradaKimie Harada
Chuo University Faculty of Commerce
742-1 HIgashinakano Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0393 Japan
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
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News release & Topics of this fiscal year

February 17, 2021Interviewed article is at Reuters.
January, 2021Wrote an article for a journal.
December, 2020Received a research grant by Trust Companies Association of Japan.
December 17, 2020Interviewed comments are in Nikkei Newspaper.
December, 2020Wrote some words for current events' glossary, "Finance Current Events Glossary".
October , 2020
Appointed to a committee member for market systems' working group
October 31, 2020Was two discussant at Japan Society of Monetary Economics.
October 3, 2020Served as a discussant at Japan Finance Association.
September 18, 2020Served as a panel member at a symposium.
September 2, 2020Served as a lecturer at DBJ Research Institute of Capital Formation.
August, 2020Wrote an article for a journal.
August 18, 2020Served as a lecturer at Daiwa Securities.
July, 2020My interviewed comments are in NewsPicks! article, members only.
July, 2020Appointed as a member of the selection committee for general representatives of Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance.
July, 2020Appointed as a director at Japan Investor, Protection Fund.
June 26, 2020Made an appearance on Nikkei CNBC TV.
May, 2020My comments regarding the BOJ's ETF purchase policy are in Bloomberg news article.
April, 2020Wrote an article for a financial Journal.